About Us

SharkSky is a travel agency and receptive operator based on the Galapagos islands.

SharkSky is an Ecuador and Galapagos Islands travel agency and inbound operator.

Get to Know Us

Sharksky is an Ecuador and Galapagos Islands travel agency and inbound operator with more than 15 years of experience. We create unforgettable trips by helping travelers make the best of their experiences as we truly value the place we live in. We promote the best value in our tours, as well as high-quality standards of services. Our sales team will give a personal sense of professionalism, combined with years of experience in order for you to receive the best offer you deserve.

Meet the team


Aline is the founder and general manager of the company . She is from France. In Europe she studied tourism in France and worked in the Alps and Spain.Then she came to Ecuador for a 6 months in Ecuador but never left 😊. She was always impressed by the natural treasures of this country especially the Galapagos islands but also the jungle, the impressive Andean volcano chain and the coastal area.She is passionate about creating the best experiences for you, together with her team ! In her free time she likes to spend time with her son, her friends, go to the beach and go for sunset runs on San Cristobal island where she lives. You can reach her at aline@sharksky.com



Danny is our main naturalist guide and you probably meet him when on San Cristobal or on our private group tours. He is an island boy who has been raised with his brothers between highlands, beaches and ocean as his dad is a fisherman. As he grew older he earned scholarships and was able to study abroad in the US and at the same time passed the National Park Naturalist guide course. Since then he is passionate about showing people his islands and explaining about their ecosystem. He is also a fond traveller and whenever he can takes off to explore the world. If you have any question you can contact him at danny@sharksky.com



Jess is half French, half British (but she grew up in France) and she moved to the Galapagos Islands a bit more than 8 years ago, after doing an internship for her tourism studies. She has been in Sharksky’s team since then, and is in charge of reservations and coordinating the activities when you are on the islands so you can have the best stay ever with us! She lives on Isabela Island and will be happy to meet you on this incredible island upon your arrival there!
You can reach her out if you have any questions at jessica@sharksky.com


Paola is our sales agent who live in Quito, capital of Ecuador. In her 12 years of working in tourism, she fell in love with her country, which makes her easy to design an ideal trip for you. Her passion is travelling to different places creating the opportunity to live memorable adventures and then sharing with people to explore these unique destinations in Ecuador. She will help you to plan a once-in-a-lifetime experience full of unforgettable moments!
If you have any questions, feel free to reach her at sales@sharksky.com


Carolyn is our chief of finances she is the one doing all the accounting work ! She was raised on the islands and then went to Guayaquil to pursue her studies and work until the call of the islands was too strong and she made her way back to San Cristobal. In her free time she enjoys going to the beach, volunteer at her church with the kids group and read. She is also a foody that is always ready to come along to test new restaurants and snacks 😊 You can reach her at finanzas@sharksky.com


Diego is our operation staff on Santa Cruz island. A true local of this island, he often is at the pier when arriving on Puerto Ayora with a big smile. he is the person making sure everything runs well during your stay there, coordinating the logistics. He will recommend you the best places to eat and buy souvenirs. In his free time Diego likes to surf and spend time with his friends. You can reach him at diego@sharksky.com