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The Galapagos Islands attract people from all over the world, due to the Archipelago is home to the most breathtaking natural landscapes and exceptional flora and fauna. Wildlife is so unique that various Galapagos species helped Darwin develop his world-changing ‘Theory of Natural Selection. For many science enthusiasts, the Galapagos are at the top of their bucket lists and a land tour will offer the best opportunity to spend time with the same animals that inspired Darwin.

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4 days 3 nights santa cruz

4 days / 3 nights Island Hopping – Santa Cruz & Isabela

In this four day adventure you will be able to spot marine iguanas, sea lions, frigate birds, tortoises and turtles, blue-footed boobies, pelicans, and more.
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5 days 4 nights cristobal

5 days / 4 nights Island Hopping – San Cristobal and Santa Cruz

In this five day trip you will discover amazing species of the archipelago, such as the famous giant tortoises. Also you will be able to snorkel in the shallow waters of Tijeretas Bay.
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The Galapagos Classic -5 days

This five day island hopping tour will allow you to discover some of the most important landscapes in the Islands, as you hike volcanoes and snorkel into shallow waters.
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6 days 5 nights isabela

6 days / 5 nights Island Hopping -Santa Cruz and Isabela

During this six day experience will participate in a yacht tour to an uninhabited island. You will spot endemic land iguanas, lava sceneries and observe many endemic bird species.

The Galapagos Classic -6 days

This six day itinerary will allow you to visit the three most important islands of the archipelago. You will hike volcanoes, discover amazing beaches and visit the highlands to see giant tortoises in their native environment.
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The Galapagos Classic – 7 days

The seven day tour will take to the most important spots in the archipelago, as you discover unique wildlife, sandy beaches, the flora and fauna and active volcanoes.

The Galapagos Classic – 8 days

This complete eight day adventure is a full experience when it comes to explore the islands. You will discover endless species of birds and other land and marine species.


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