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The Galapagos islands is among the Top Ten places to practice this activity around the world as the Archipelago were also chosen for the “Healthiest Marine Environment” for many diving specialist and experts. With endless amounts of the most amazing underwater species divers will find among others the famous hammerhead shark as well as schools of manta rays; making this place one of the most discoverable one on the planet.

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Diving Tour Galapagos - 4 Day - Rays

4 Day – Diving Tour – Santa Cruz

This four-day tour allows you to experience great dives in a short time! It can be a “before or after cruise tour” or you can combine it with one of our regular island-hopping tours.
5 day island hopping

5-Day Island Hopping – Diving

During this 5 day you will visit the famous Kicker Rock, a volcanic formation in the middle of the ocean, there you will dive along with sharks, rays, and if lucky, hammerhead sharks.
Diving Tour Galapagos - 6 Day Awesome Tours

6-Day Island Hopping – Diving

Typical underwater life in Galapagos Islands such us white tipped reef sharks, black tipped sharks, hammerhead sharks, sea lions, pacific green turtles you will see during this six day diving tour.
7 day island hopping diving

7-Day Island Hopping – Diving

The seven day diving tour will take you to explore the surrenders areas of Santa Cruz, here you will see a huge crater or sinkhole, remains when this island was still a volcanic active island.
8 day island hopping diving

8 Day Island Hopping Diving

This eight day diving tour you will explore two of the most amazing places to perform this activity, as you go deep to discover endless underwater species.


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