Our Policies

Payment Options
In order to make a reservation, a deposit of 50% of the tour is required. Payment in full is required 30 days before trip departure. There are two different options for paying for your trip:
1. Bank Transfer

We can process bank transfers. All bank transfers must be at your charge, including any fees from the Ecuadorian Bank. Ecuador only uses the SWIFT code and IBAN will not be accepted.

2. Money Transfer Service

We accept payments via Western Union and Moneygram. All sending fees incurred are outside the cost of the trip. Please contact us directly for information.

Booking Confirmation Policy
In order to confirm your trip: A) A deposit of 50% of the tour is required. or B) For cruises and boat charters, a total payment is required 60 days prior to tour start.
Cancellation policy:

If you decide to cancel, written requests are required. Based on the date of request the following amount will be retained:

  • A) More than 60 days before departure: $50 Administration Fee (plane tickets are not refundable).
  • B) 60 days before departure: 20% of Total Amount.
  • C) 59 to 30 days before departure: 50% of Total Amount.
  • D) 29 to 0 days before departure: 100% of Total Amount.
  • E) In case of a cruise policies of the respective boat applies.
Equipment Rental Conditions
As part of organized trips generally snorkel equipment (including shorty wetsuit, snorkel, mask, and fins) are included. Please check specific trip to ensure equipment inclusion. As a security deposit, an additional $20 or $50 for groups is required at start of the trip that will be returned in full if equipment is returned in the same condition as rented. If paying with credit card, a security deposit is not required and credit card information is retained for loss and damage payment. All damage upon rental must be indicated in the Equipment Rental Form available in the office. If the equipment is damaged, you are liable for the cost of the equipment as indicated in the Equipment Rental Form. If your tour includes speciality equipment such as Kayaks or Bicycles, an additional security deposit of $50 or $100 is required and will be returned at the end of the trip if loss or damage does not occur.
Travel Insurance
We advise you to look into and purchase personal travel insurance in your country of origin! We recommend Travel Nomads. Additionally, some credit cards provide insurance. You should check with your credit card provider to verify coverage before departure.
SharkSky does not accept responsibility for damages or inconvenience caused by delays in air or water transport, or delays in departure and return. We do not claim responsibility for the loss of or damage to any article belonging to the client, which was not caused by the negligence of Sharksky tours. Finally, we do not accept responsibility for damages caused by or due to natural causes or other events beyond our control. Sharksky does not accept responsibility for injury, personal loss or damage to personal belongings caused by the negligence of any person or by the company, when related to any service offered. If, for reasons beyond our control, the planned itinerary cannot be carried out, Sharksky reserves the right to alter the established excursion itinerary, or to substitute or cancel, in an effort to maintain our client’s safety and best interests. If the excursion is canceled, the cost will be refunded in full. If the excursion is reduced, the cost will be proportionately refunded.
Responsibilities of the Tour Organizer:

Organization and responsible guidance by experienced guides. The guide is responsible for the management of the group and has the obligation to follow the established tour itinerary, if possible. If the tour cannot be carried out according to the program or the tour cannot be carried out due to fault of the tour guide, then only the services provided up to that moment are to be paid for. The guide and tour organizer are personally responsible for the observance of official park regulations by all members of the tour. Individual tour members are held accountable by the tour organizer for damage or injury caused by any violation of guide instructions.


We call your attention to the fact that expeditions, trekking, diving, biking, kayak trips, horseback riding in, can be dangerous. Accidents, losses, injuries, delays, as well as other damages, are possible and participation in the tour is assumed at your own risk. The guide can deliberately change the itinerary of the tour if the conditions require such action.

Dietary Specifications:

We will make every effort to accommodate dietary restrictions, however we can not guarantee accommodation of dietary restrictions (specifically beyond vegetarian and pescatarian). Typical diet is heavy in rice and fish. We cannot be help responsible for any issue in confirming to dietary restrictions by a particular restaurant reserved as part of the tour.