Highlight Tour – 8 Days

Sharksky Galapagos

The 8 Day Highlight Tour is the longest option of our highlight trip and will leave you amazed. This tour adds two full additional days of seeing uninhabited islands. If you really want to see Galapagos and don’t want to be stuck on a boat this is the tour for you. You’ll stay at nice accommodations on each island. This is a full-service tour. You’ll be greeted at the airport in San Cristobal and escorted to the Baltra Airport at the end of your trip, wishing you could do it all again.

Tour Highlights

  • See 4 different islands
  • Likely get a glimpse of flamingos, tortoises, penguins, and boobies, among other animals
  • Hike the second largest crater in the world and enjoy amazing views
  • Our knowledgeable guide will escort you through the trip

 Sharksky Galapagos



We will pick you up on arrival at San Cristobal Island and take you to the hotel. Get settled
and get ready to enjoy a nice Ecuadorian lunch. Visit Loberia Beach: a beautiful site with
great snorkeling! During the snorkel you may find sea turtles, rays, sea lions and many
species of colorful fishes. There is also a nice hike (optional) to a cliff where you can observe
many marine iguanas and birds such as, blue-footed boobies, swallow-tailed gulls and frigate
birds. After that you will go back to the hotel and get ready for dinner.

Meals included: -/L/D
Difficulty: EASY

Sharksky Galapagos



Kicker Rock (León Dormido): It’s a volcanic tuff rock rising at 144 meters above the sea level. It’s a beautiful snorkel site, famous because of it’s rich marine life. You may spot there many tropical fishes, sea turtles, sea lions, rays, Galapagos sharks, white-tipped sharks and if lucky, hammerhead sharks! Going around the rock with the boat you can spot nazca boobies, blue-footed boobies and frigate birds. Lunch will be served on board and then we will navigate back to pier around 2 PM. The rest of the afternoon is free until dinner. You can use it for shopping or visiting the interpretation center (entrance free), tijeretas, playa carola and playa mann. You will meet with the whole group for dinner where the guide will give you the details for the next day.

Meals included: B/L/D
Difficulty: MEDIUM (snorkeling in open water)

Sharksky Galapagos



Breakfast will be served at 6 AM in your hotel. Around 06:30 AM you will be picked-up at your hotel to go to the pier to depart around 7 AM to Floreana. The private boat ride lasts for about 2,5 hours. Upon arrival, you will visit the highlands, a place called “Peace Asylum” where the first colonists of the islands settled. The guide will tell you about the history of the colonists. During the short hike you will also spot Galapagos giant tortoises. Lunch will be served in the small village. After lunch you will go snorkeling on a beautiful beach nearby the pier. Afterwards you will continue on the boat to Isabela Island (approximately 1,5 hour ride). Isabela is one of the youngest island which has still moderate volcanic activity (but it’s safe!). It’s a beautiful island with its pier located near a clear bay and a long White Sandy beach. Upon arrival you will be picked-up by taxi/bus or chiva and driven to the flamingo lagoon to spot these beautiful animals at sunset. (if time allows, otherwise it will be re-scheduled throughout the stay in Isabela). Transfer to the hotel to get ready for dinner.

Meals included: B/L/D
Difficulty: EASY

Sharksky Galapagos



On your 3rd day you must choose upon booking between a Volcano trekking tour (land tour) or Cabo Rosa (water tour as a supplement)! Spaces to Cabo Rosa are very limited that’s why it has to be booked in advance and is at extra cost.

Option 1 – VOLCANO HIKE (included in the price)
Early in the morning you will be picked-up by bus/taxi/chiva and driven towards the highlands: You will start a trekking (6 hours!) to the Sierra Negra and Chico volcano. The first stop on the hike is Sierra Negra Volcano which has the second largest active crater in the world: 10 km diameter. You will continue to walk towards Chico Volcano, which is a cone of Sierra Negra. You will walk through moon-like sceneries and have great views of nearby Fernandina Island and the north of the Isabela Island. This gives you an idea of how the islands looked at their creation. After walking back you will be moved by bus/taxi/chiva to a local farm which is also a tortoise reserve where lunch will be served. You will be back in the hotel around 3:30 PM. The rest of the afternoon is free. 
Difficulty: MEDIUM

If you prefer snorkeling over hiking this is a great opportunity. You can take the excursion to Cabo Rosa tunnels which is located about 1 hour boat ride south from the port. This is an amazing place where the volcanic activities created lava tunnels going under and over sea level. You can spot the penguins, blue footed boobies and you will have great snorkeling too! Food will be provided during the tour. The rest of the afternoon is free. 

Meals included: B/L/D
Difficulty: EASY

Sharksky Galapagos



In the morning you will visit the Tintoreras Islet near the pier: There you can spot small Galapagos penguins, sea lions, marine iguanas, and blue-footed boobies and often you can even spot white-tipped sharks in one of the channels. You will have a short hike and go snorkel nearby. Afterwards you will continue with our private boat to Santa Cruz (2 hours). Upon arrival you will be transferred to the hotel and change to get ready for lunch and the afternoon program. After lunch you will walk to the Tortuga Bay beach to enjoy a last swim into the Galapagos waters and spot a huge iguana colony. The walk to Tortuga Bay is 3 km each way, passing through a giant endemic cactus forest.

Meals included: B/L/D
Difficulty: EASY TO MEDIUM

Sharksky Galapagos



To complete the tour, you will visit one of the completely uninhabited islands such as Bartolomé, Seymour, Plazas or Santa Fé. Each one has its own character and species (Seymour, Plazas and Santa Fe have endemic species of land iguanas, Bartolomé has penguins and amazing views). You will be picked-up at the hotel early in the morning. Note that you will be traveling with other people/guide than you were on the tour, as those day tours have restrictions and just a few boats have the permission to go there. The tour consist in reaching the Itabaca channel by bus (except for Santa Fe which is south), and then board a yacht to navigate to the islands. After hiking and snorkeling you will have lunch on board. You are usually back late afternoon.

Meals included: B/L/D
Difficulty: EASY (except for Bartolomé where the hike is uphill a bit longer than other hikes, to reach the top)

IMPORTANT: Due to the restriction of the National Park we cannot guarantee before booking which island you will be visiting this day.

Sharksky Galapagos



Today you will visit another island: different to the previous day of course. Hike and snorkel on the island. Probably in the later afternoon you will be back at the port.

Meals included: B/L/D
Difficulty: EASY (except, again, Bartolomé)

IMPORTANT: Due to the restriction of the National Park we cannot guarantee before booking which island you will be visiting this day. Sharksky Galapagos



In the morning you will be picked-up at your hotel and transferred to the airport to catch your flight to the mainland.

Meals included: B/-/
Difficulty: EASY

Sharksky Galapagos


General Information:

The program can change due to National Park rules or meteorological conditions without prior notice.



Prices (in USD)

Package 8 Day Tour Double Room Single Room
Basic Rate** $ 2.305,– + $ 280,–
Hotel Upgrade ** $ 2.650,– + $ 490,–
Upgrade Cabo Rosa + $ 140
**Christmas departure 100$ more per person
All prices include:
  • All meals as listed (B- Breakfast, L- Lunch, D- Dinner)
  • Tours with English-speaking guides
  • All transportation (boat, bus, taxi) as part of the tour
  • Snorkel gear and short wetsuit
  • Accomodation in double or triple room occupancy
  • Isabela entry fee
Prices do not include:
  • Flights from and to mainland Ecuador (priced between 480$-560$ +/-)
  • Entrance fee to the Galapagos National Park: $100 per adult, $50 per child (12 years and under)
  • CASH ONLY – there is NO ATM at the airport! These prices are subject to change without previous notice from the Galapagos Authorities
  • Migration card: $20 per person, bought at the airport (Quito or Guayaquil), CASH ONLY! This price are subject to change without previous notice from the Galapagos Authorities
  • 14% Ecuadorian VAT (only valid for the Ecuadorian residents)
  • Travel Insurance (We strongly recommend you purchase one)
  • All not mentioned in the program
  • Tips

See Our Policies for additional information