Educational and Student Tours

>>Galapagos is a once-in-a-lifetime experience<<

We have every year a lot of student groups who discover with us this unique and amazing place: Galapagos.

Galapagos offers you to see an incredible nature. You will see a plenty of native and endemic plants and animals.

We offer student tours for College or even High School students. Please let us know how much time you have, how old the students are, how big the group would be, your budget and we will design together the most suitable itinerary for you, according also to your interests.


Our advantages for you

  • We have high security standards as for transportation and activities. For the snorkelling sessions, you will be accompanied by experienced guides and the students are provided floatable life jackets. All bus/boats are insured
  • We can also include meetings with NGOs working with the locals to improve the life of the people living here. To get an insight of the GalapagosIslands, you need to understand the people living here
  • We have close contact with the Science Center of the University San Francisco here in San Cristobal so you can, during a conference, get to know the work they do here regarding their current projects with marine biology, this is a plus for the students
  • We have years of experience operating this type of tours
  • You book directly from a Galapagos agency avoiding intermediate agencies
  • We can plan your stay in the mainland Ecuador, and flights mainland- Galapagos, you will only be in charge of purchasing your international flights
Feel free to contact us if you want to have an idea of the costs and the itineraries!