1st Class – Treasure of Galápagos – 5/7/9/11 Days

Treasure of Galápagos is first-class option for seeing Galápagos by Cruise. The yacht was made in 2009 and is nicely maintained and has great reviews. It offers two different 5-day itineraries allowing you to see the central or southeastern islands. There is also a 7 day western itinerary. Consecutive itineraries can be combined to create a 9 or 11 day itinerary.

Yacht Specifications
Length: 103ft
Beam: 37 ft
Speed: 12 knots
Crew: 9
Capacity: 16 passengers
Rooms: 8 Twin-Double Rooms with bathroom inside,1 suite with balcony
Facilities: Air Conditioner, Dining Room, Main Hall, Bar, Sun Deck, Lecture Hall, Entertainment Room


5 day itinerary Option 1

Itinerary 5 days

AM: Baltra Airport PM: Santa Cruz: Charles Darwin Station
AM: Santiago: Sullivan Bay PM: Bartolome
AM: North Seymour PM: Mosquera
AM: Plazas PM: San Cristóbal: Cerro Brujo
Tuesday: San Cristóbal
AM: Interpretation Center PM: San Cristóbal Airport

5 day itinerary Option 2

Itinerary 5 days

AM: San Cristóbal Airport PM: Cerro Colorado
Wednesday: Española
AM: Gardener Bay PM: Punta Suarez
Thursday: Floreana
AM: Post Office Bay PM: Punta Cormorant
AM: Santa Fe PM: Santa Cruz: Tortuga Bay
Saturday: Santa Cruz
AM: Highlands PM: Baltra Airport

7 day itinerary

Itinerary 7 days

Saturday: Santa Cruz
AM: Baltra Airport PM: Charles Darwin Station
Sunday: Santa Cruz
AM: Whale Bay PM: Cerro Dragon
Monday: Isabela
AM: Tintoreras PM: Wetlands
Tuesday: Isabela
AM: Puntao Moreno PM: Urbina Bay
AM: Fernandina: Punta Espinosa PM: Isabela: Tagus Cove
AM: Santiago: Puerto Egas PM: Rabida
Friday: Santa Cruz
AM: Bachas PM: Baltra Airport