Book Drive

Are you coming to Galápagos the month of December?

Even if you aren’t booking a tour with us, we ask you to bring a book as part of our book drive to support increasing reading in Galápagos.

In San Cristóbal, the capital of Galápagos and are home, the education system only cover 74.2% and only 11.4% of children attend school for 10 years or more.

Why is this a problem?

For the general population of Galápagos, 31% are considered poor according to a 2010 study*.Galápagos has an increasing population of adolescents finishing school and unable to find jobs. This leads to increased participation in unsustainable practices such as illegal fishing that threaten the preservation of Galápagos. Also, there is an increasing level of skilled labor that has to be filled outside the local population such as scientist, researchers and even the President of the Governing Council of Galápagos.

The fact is that Galápagos schools don’t have the same resources you’d be accustomed to in your home. The teacher often has little more than a workbook. Most classrooms don’t have a single novel.

Sharksky would like to assist with their first Holiday Book Drive. Our goal is to collect 100 books & we’d love for you to help, whether you are coming on a tour with us or not. Because children are a variety of ages & reading levels we would like books in Spanish or English & prefer children’s books. We will accept both new or used books. Please help support us in this effort & further the education level of this special place. If you have a little extra room in your suitcase consider bringing a book along. At the end of the month, we will distribute the books we collect among the 11 local schools.

Thanks & please contact us directly if you have questions or just stop in the office with your book for a local to love!

~The Sharksky Staff

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