Our Team

Sharksky GalapagosI’m from France, but now I reside in Ecuador for more than a decade. I studied Tourism and worked in France in ski stations and on the coast for the summer seasons too. Afterwards I had the chance to work in Quito in a tour operator and later on to Galapagos where I founded Sharksky together with Manuel with the vision to create superior services and direct tours that would also profit to the local community.  I work in sales, so I am often your first contact when emailing or calling us.  I enjoy putting together the perfect tour for you according to your wishes and interests! It’s my pleasure to work on an itinerary until we find the ideal one for you. Galapagos is a once in a lifetime experience! In my free time I enjoy going snorkeling and bodyboarding. I’m also now a mum of a little boy, so I enjoy seeing him growing up in such an amazing environment.

Sharksky GalapagosI’m a native Galápageño. I began as a Fisherman, before I decided to create Sharksky with Aline.

I’m passionate about conserving Galapagos and I wanted to create a company that supported the local community with high caliber tours. I’m renowned and admired on the islands for my extensive knowledge and care of my beloved islands.

Sharksky Galapagos

I am from Switzerland and came to Galapagos Islands 6 years ago as a volunteer. I felt in love with the enchanted Islands immediately and kept coming back every year for several weeks. Since July 2015 I am working with Sharkskys Ecoadventures Galapagos in accounting, selling, operations and help wherever there is help needed. I speak Swiss-German, German, English and Spanish fluently and understand French but forgot how to speak it. It is great to work for a company that focuses on ecotourism which supports local Boats, Hotels, Restaurants who mainly employ local Galapagueños residents. What I love most about our work is to receive Tourists from all over the world and ensure that they will have an unforgettable time on Galapagos Islands.

Sharksky Galapagos

I’m originally from the mainland but I have lived in Galapagos for over 20 years.

You meet me when you come to Santa Cruz. I help ensure that you get to the day of an uninhabited island, eat at the best restaurants, stay in the best hotels and get to your flight on time.

I speak Spanish, German and English.


Sharksky Galapagos

I’m Jess, half French and half British.
I have been living in Galapagos since June 2015.

I live on Isabela Island where I’m the operations manager for Sharksky. I ensure that everything goes on well for my customers and love seeing them take home great memories.
In my free time I surf and dive, I’m a shark lover!

Every day is such a pleasure to be sharing this beautiful island with all these amazing endemic animals that you can find here.

Sharksky Galapagos

I was born in San Cristobal, so I’m a native Galapageño. After finishing my high school, I studied tourism and environmental conservation at the University in Quito. When I returned to San Cristobal I started working at Sharksky. There I have a pleasant experience to work in a good team, where we provide the best experience for our tourists in this natural paradise.

In my free time I surf and spend the time on my farm to enjoy the nature.

Sharksky GalapagosHi, I’m Maria Elena Vasquez and I live since the 8th year of life on the Galapagos Islands. It was great for me to grow up on these beautiful and tranquil islands. After my studies I started working at Sharksky.

I help with the administration, the reservations from the hotels and other necessary services. I enjoy the work with the customers and the providers. It’s a pleasure for me that the tour turns out the best for you. In the office the orientation, that we all wants the best for our visitors, unites us.

All year long, we have interns from all around the world who helps us in our daily work. You will certainly meet them during your trip, helping you with a transfer or telling you about the activities for the next day.

We are glad to receive new interns, if you are interested in doing an internship with our team, please contact us!